A guide to bus ride // Nagano ⇔ Kyoto

  • Nagano ⇔ Kyoto Osaka day&night 1+1+1 toilet
    Nagano Station Zenkoji side - Nagano Bus Terminal - Tambajima-Hashiminami - Kawanakajima Kosenjo - Nagano Interchange - Koshoku Interchange - Naganodo Obasute - Nagano-do Omi Interchange - Kyoto-Fukakusa - Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit G3 - Senri-chuo Train Station - Senri Newtown - Shin-Osaka - Osaka Hankyu-Umeda - Universal Studio Japan
    • ALPICO
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  • Komoro Ueda Nagano ⇔ Osaka overnight 2+2 toilet
    Komoro Train Station - Sakudaira Train Station - Tobu-Yunomaru - Ueda Train Station - Chikumagawa-Sakaki - Nagano Station Zenkoji Side - Kyoto Station Karasuma Exit - Osaka Station JR Expressway Bus Terminal - Universal Studio Japan
    • JR Bus Kanto
    •  / Nishinihon JR Bus
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  • Yudanaka Iiyama Nagano ⇔ Osaka overnight 1+1+1 toilet
    Yudanaka Train Station - Iiyama Train Station - Shinshu Nakano Train Station - Obuse - Suzaka Train Station - Gondo Train Station - Nagano Station Zenkoji side - Oginoya Nagano-ten - Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit H2 - Osaka Station Sakurabashi Exit - Osaka City Air Terminal - Nankai Namba Train Station - Sannomiya Bus Terminal - *Universal Studio Japan

    (*) - see the detail page.

    • Nankai
    •  / Nagaden
    → bus stops and details of this service…
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