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There are unavoidable differences that come from revisions of the plan of operations, festival parades, road constructions or other unexpected occurrences between the actual operations and the contents of this site. We will not take any responsibility for these differences. Make sure of your service locally.

All the complaints and questions about this website should be sent to '' (fax +81 42 860 7470).

Each operator has their own baggage allowance and policy on pet travel, some don't allow pet at all. Generally, certified guide dogs, hearing dogs and dogs that assist people with phisical disabilities are permitted.

We do not have a data of following towns and sections. See the opertor's website when using these services.
Noshiro city, Niigata city, Iwaki city and Hitachi city. Nikko railway sta. - Oku-Nikko. Chiba - Tateyama. Kashima, Choshi, Katsuura, Kamogawa - Tokyo. A part of night buses from/to Chiba prefecture. Yonago, Kurayoshi, Tottori and Maizuru - Osaka. Services of the northwestern area of Kagoshima prefecture. And not all the airport buses are included in this website.


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