JR Bus Tohoku, ジェイアールバス東北

Schedule - as of 14-Jul-2017;

Sendai Shinjuku 20

(1+1+1) unless otherwise noted

  1. Sendai train station east
    Sendai eki higashiguchi 仙台駅東口
    23:30 [pick up only]
  2. Nagamachi Train Station East
    Nagamachi eki higashiguchi 長町駅東口
    23:43 [pick up only]
  3. Oji train station
    Oji eki 王子駅
    eta.05:00 + 1 [set down only]
  4. Ikebukuro Station East
    Ikebukuro eki higashiguchi 池袋駅東口降車場
    eta.05:10 + 1 [set down only]
  5. Shinjuku expressway bus terminal
    Basuta Shinjuku 新宿高速バスターミナル
    eta.05:30 + 1 [set down only]

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