Nippon Chuo Bus, 日本中央バス

Schedule - as of 21-Jun-2019;

  1. Maebashi bus center
    19:35 [pick up only]
    36.344858,139.098711 - Google Map
  2. Isesaki train station south
    Isesaki eki minamiguchi 伊勢崎駅南口
    20:00 [pick up only]
    36.325959,139.194387 - Google Map
  3. Kiryu JR train station south
    Kiryu eki minamiguchi 桐生駅南口
    20:35 [pick up only]
    36.411396,139.332015 - Google Map
  4. Ota train station south
    Ota eki minamiguchi 太田駅南口
    21:10 [pick up only]
    36.293093,139.380499 - Google Map
  5. Bus terminal Ota
    21:20 [pick up only]
    36.275256,139.381051 - Google Map
  6. Ashikaga-shi train station
    Ashikagashi ekimae 足利市駅前
    21:50 [pick up only]
    36.329030,139.448060 - Google Map
  7. Sano shintoshi bus terminal
    22:30 [pick up only]
    36.295287,139.601403 - Google Map
  8. Tatebayashi city hall
    Tatebayashi shiyakusho 館林市役所
    22:55 [pick up only]
    36.244592,139.542469 - Google Map
  9. Saitama-shintoshin station east
    Saitama-shintoshin higashiguchi さいたま新都心駅東口
    23:55 [pick up only]
    35.894478,139.635030 - Google Map
  10. Kyoto station Hachijo exit G2
    Kyoto eki Hachijoguchi 京都駅八条口
    eta.07:10 + 1 [set down only]
    34.983909,135.758872 - Google Map
  11. OCAT
    Osaka OCAT 大阪 OCAT
    eta.08:20 + 1 [set down only]
    34.666565,135.495141 - Google Map

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